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The main advantage of cryptocurrency license

Licensing makes money from a promising and growing cryptocurrency market that has not yet developed a rigid hierarchy. Therefore, with a competent business organization, you can reach the top level from scratch even within a few months.

Why would a crypto business get a cryptocurrency license

Companies working in the legal field, oblige their clients to undergo the verification of identity, in accordance with the requirements of KYC and AML, and this increases the transparency of business. As a result, the confidence of business partners and the regulator increases in such an enterprise. Obtaining a cryptocurrency license allows the company to legally exchange virtual money for real and vice versa, exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another, store digital funds of clients, make transfers between two cryptocurrency wallets, sell goods for cryptocurrency, place tokens, perform intermediary functions, issue digital currency.

Where to obtain a cryptocurrency license

When choosing a country to license cryptocurrency activity, note mandatory licensing requirements related to presence in the country (Japanese rules require an office in the country and recruitment of employees, so it is not possible to obtain a license in that country remotely). The cost of services and requirements to the authorized capital (the range of prices for the licensing process depends on the volume of government fees and associated costs, the total amount can be several tens of thousands of dollars, and the authorized capital – up to hundreds of thousands). The duration of the procedure (up to several months). The most convenient countries for obtaining a license for crypto-exchange activities today are the countries that have minimal influence on the global financial system and seek to attract capital to their land.

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Clients and Partners
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What you need to obtain a cryptocurrency license

To obtain a cryptocurrency license you may need:

  • copy of passport, place of birth, address of actual residence and contact details of the owner of the company
  • website legal address and domain
  • personal details of the person who will apply
  • identity of the person responsible for countering the financing of terrorism and money-laundering
  • certificate of criminal record not older than 3 months from the date of receipt.